Inclusion of several hundred PFAS in the SIN list

Edited on 02/13/2023
ChemSec added 370 PFAS to the SIN list in its last update.
News text: 

The SIN list (Substitute It Now), published by the Swedish NGO ChemSec, lists chemicals identified as a threat to human health and the environment. The Sin list is not regulatory in scope but is a guidance tool for chemical substitution.

In the latest update of the SIN list, Chemsec added 370 PFAS used and/or produced in Europe and/or the US, bringing the number of PFAS on the list to 416.

According to the NGO, the substances selected from the thousands of PFASs are "the most relevant for supply chain communication and substitution work".

Chemsec points out that these substances are used in a wide range of applications: refrigerants, textiles, dielectric gases for electronics, paints and coatings, wood treatment, etc.

According to Chemsec, the production and use levels of some PFAS are very high: over 1,000 tonnes per year for 13 substances and 100-1,000 tonnes per year for 24 other PFAS.

Source : We’ve added several hundred PFAS to the SIN List. This is the reason why – ChemSec